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Is Flirt Mastery A Scam?

Flirt Mastery is one of the many “how to attract and seduce women” systems on the market right now, but I think it is one of the best ones available. This review will cover what is available in the Flirt Mastery system, and I talk about both the good points and the bad points of this system. I recommend reading this review before you go and download the PDF of Steve Scott’s Flirt Mastery.

I will break the book down by the Table of Contents and discuss each section in more detail. Here is the table of contents so you can get some idea of what is included:

Table of Contents

Disclaimer ……………………………………………………….6

Part 1- Introducing ‘Flirt Mastery’ ……………………….7

Part 2- Qualities to Demonstrate……………………….33

Part 3- How to Start a Conversation…………………..68

Part 4- Flirty, Non-Verbal Communication …………..82

Part 5- Conversation 101………………………………..110

Part 6- Flirt through Storytelling ……………………..164

Part 7- The Push & Pull of Sexual Tension…………..184

Part 8-The Fun, Flirty Guy ………………………………221

Part 9- Let the Seduction Begin! ………………………240

Part 10- Conclusion ……………………………………….277

As you can see, the topics covered are quite detailed and the book goes into most every aspect of what it takes to seduce a woman. OK, let’s check out the topics in some more detail.

Part 1- Introducing ‘Flirt Mastery’: This section is really a basic overview of what flirting is and what it is not. One of the points made in this section which I don’t totally agree with is the statement “women do not like cocky ***holes”. I agree that women don’t like ***holes, but I feel that being cocky is where it is at when it comes to building attraction. I also enjoyed the part entitled “5 Shocking Myths About Women” because it is so true, and he hit right on the head with the fact that women love sex. That is one of the things that you all must understand on your way towards being better at picking-up women. Let me repeat it, just to be clear, WOMEN LOVE SEX! On to the next section!

Part 2- Qualities to Demonstrate: I love the quote from the beginning of this section: “Let’s begin with the most important aspect…your attitude. ” Really, attitude is probably the biggest change you can make to start attracting women, so I really dig this section. And I think the part entitled “19 High Status Qualities” gets right to the root of the matter. Women want a man of high status (and that doesn’t always mean money or looks), and having these qualities or working towards gaining these qualities is very, very important so I’m glad to see it covered in detail here. Good stuff!

Part 3- How to Start a Conversation: Let’s face it. This is where most men don’t know what to do. This chapter is a bit shorter than the previous chapter, but he gives you some great ways to break the tension and just start interacting with a girl. The part about “teasing a girl” is spot on. Most men think that women want guys that fawn over them, but we are finding out that women want a strong man that isn’t afraid to “bust their chops” and poke a bit of fun at them. It seems like it wouldn’t work and it does, because it shows a “high status” quality. It’s part of not caring what a women thinks. There is also a section called “Getting Her Alone” and this is also so true. You have to get that girl alone or you are never going to get anywhere with her. When women are alone with you, they can be themselves, and that means they are much more willing to do what you want. Pay attention to this section!

Part 4- Flirty, Non-Verbal Communication: This section gets into the nitty gritty of flirting, such as eye contact, and your smile and posture. Body language is all important, and that is what this section really gets into. There is also a part that talks about reading her body language, so you know what sign to look for to see if she is interested in you. There is a great list that tells you every sign that she may be sending you, so you can be sure that she is in fact, into you. Then the book goes into the art of touching so that you know exactly how to touch a women to really get her fire going.

Part 5- Conversation 101: This section covers how to handle a conversation with a woman so that you can get what you want. It talks about the fact that most guys flirt just to flirt, and don’t really have a goal in mind, when in fact, you really should be flirting towards an expected outcome. The part that talks about what not to do in a conversation is, in my opinion, golden, because so many men make these simple mistakes such as insulting yourself, talking about negative things like news stories, or complaining (no woman likes a man that whines!). The “9 Rules for Great Dialogue” should help you maintain that interest that women need.

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Part 6- Flirt through Storytelling: This section is great because it tells you how to maneuver a conversation into getting a emotional and sexual response from a woman. When you first meet a woman she has no idea who you really are, but using stories to illustrate who you are as well leading her towards what you want works wonders. Women are natural talkers (and listeners) so being able to interact with her in this manner totally sets up the vibe towards turning her on. When I first saw this chapter title I didn’t think much of it, but after reading it, I now consider it one of the more important sections of the book.

Part 7- The Push & Pull of Sexual Tension: Here the book gets into creating sexual tension but using the “push/pull” theory. What it boils down to is that people want and crave what they can’t have, and this means you need to master the art of giving her sexual attention and then removing it from her. I like how it talks about the fact that this creates an emotional “want” in women that they just can’t resist. The section also discusses how women “test” you and how to get past these tests (and yes, you must pass these tests to create attraction and desire in women). And I completely agree with the point “never apologize to a woman”. It makes you look weak, and that isn’t attractive at all.

Part 8-The Fun, Flirty Guy: This chapter gets to the essence of how you need to be the fun guy, even if you think you aren’t. It talks about having some sort of skill that women admire. And since I am actually a musician I can tell you for a fact that chicks dig musicians (and in turn, any guy that has a cool skill). You need to tap into some “cool” ability that you have and use that to your advantage, and I couldn’t agree with the book more. Find a cool skill to pick up and learn and this chapter has some great ideas for that.

Part 9- Let the Seduction Begin!: Now is where the system gets into the real art of seduction. There is a section that will help you tell if the attraction signals are there so that you can move forward (and the truth is, the attraction signals are quite obvious). It also shows you how you can show her that you are interested in her without going overboard and coming off as needy. The section on building a rapport with the girl you are after rings true. Women need to feel that they have that “special connection” with you, and if they do, they will do anything you want. The “3 Rules for Rapport” establish exactly what you need to follow to build that special connection.

Part 10- Conclusion: The Conclusion covers learning from your experience so that you get better at seduction as time goes on. The section on Calibration goes over how to constantly read and judge a woman’s interactions and flirting with you so that you know exactly where you stand with her sexually.

My Final Thoughts: Really a well put together book. Having read many seduction guides I can say that the Flirt Mastery System delves deeper into areas that I think are very important, such as using storytelling to get what you want, and having a “cool” skill to show a higher status. The main point that you need to be the prize is exactly right. For the money, this book gives you much more than a number of the expensive seduction guides offered by famous pick-up artists, so you can rest assured that your money is well spent. Add in all the bonuses and you really do get a lot of quality seduction material for the asking price.

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